Training Publications

Training Publications for the Air Cadet Program consist of the following:

  • Qualification Standard & Plan – QSPs outline the training that is to be taught in the classroom
  • Instructional Guides – IGs are an in depth guide to the instructor to assist with preparing for a class.   These do not replace an instructors lesson plan.

NOTE: The Instructional Guides consist of large file sizes.  Be patient when opening these links.  

Current training publications can be found under the “Cadet Training” tab on the CCO extranet here,or click the links below!


Level 1 QSP Level 1 IG Level 2 QSP
Level 2 IG Level 3 QSP Level 3 IG
Level 4 QSP Level 4 IG Level 5 QSP
Level 5 QSP Level 5 Logbook LESSON_PLAN